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Recently, I had a neighbor as me about other women of pre-school children that I knew of in the neighborhood, which reminded me of a Lexington Square Moms Group that I was a part of when my youngest son wasn't in school yet. Back then, there was a group of about eight of us that would meet with our kids in the mornings and I don't remember now if it was monthly or weekly.

So, if you are a mother of pre-school kids are would like to meet other moms nearby, please feel free to call me or email me at lrawson@cbburnet.com, and let me know:

  • What your schedule looks like and what would be a convenient time for you to meet;

  • I'll keep track of the number of interested people and schedules;

  • Then email all the interested moms and keep them updated on our findings, then

  • If okay with all the moms, then I could email all of them the names of the other moms.

This will be the first time I will do something like this, so if it works out, then I'll be able to set up more things like this with neighbors online.


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