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One thing I have found through my years of working here in Lexington Square is how much we all have in common here, and how much fun it is to get to know and spend with neighbors.

Back in 2008 we have a neighborhood picnic where we talked about ways to get together. Since then we have had:

  • Monthly Bunco/LRC get-togethers and;

  • The Book Club.

  • We also had a Moms get-together with neighborhood moms and their pre-school kids, until this group of kids were in school. But, recently I ran into a neighbor who is looking to possibly start another Moms Group with other mothers of pre-school kids.

A favorite contest is the Halloween Costume Contest. In my September Newsletter that gets delivered door-do-door, I have the instructions for this contest.

  • Parents email me photos of their kids in their Halloween costumes;

  • Neighbors are asked to vote for the best picture

  • The photo with the most votes will win a $25.00 Toys R Us gift card.


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